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Tabletop Workshop



Don’t bother clicking this image. I don’t have WordPress premium, so can’t embed video.


I think I might have found the best terrain building tutorial channel on YouTube. Unfortunately (for me), all the narration is in German, which means I need to pay close attention to the visuals. That said, the tutorials are very easy to follow even for a non-understander.

Here’s the link to Tabletop Workshop YouTube Channel. You’re more than welcome (nay, encouraged!!) to pass on your favorite terrain tutorial video links in the comments.

Crossfire Videos

For those of you who, like me, are interested in Crossfire, there are a few excellent videos on the subject posted up to YouTube. Not being a WordPress Pro subscriber, I can’t embed video, and can only provide you with lowly links, but I assure you they’re well worth checking out!


The fellow from the Lloydian Aspects website has started a series of short videos on Crossfire. They’re each +/- three minutes long, and broken down by subject. He does a great job with the videos (including some really cool stop motion animations), and is an excellent presenter.

Here’s the first video in the series.

Then, the indomitable War Panda has created a couple of videos which go into greater detail (including the explanation of some interesting house rules) on Crossfire. If you’re familiar with WPs blog, you should be excited to get a good look at his gaming table and terrain.


Here’s War Panda’s first video.

Both of these videos are several steps above your average wargaming YouTube fair-I don’t think you’ll find yourself becoming bored. Check them out!