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It Lives, It Lives!

Yes, I survived Peru. Peru is great. I can highly recommend Machu Picchu and eating mass quantities of ceviche; however, I suggest that one be very careful when consuming salads. I won’t mix up my various pursuits here on the ArkieGamer blog, but if you’re interested in travel photographs, I’ve posted a few of my hundreds of photographs over on my Flickr account.

On the gaming front, well, I haven’t done any, BUT I have done a small amount of modeling, since I’ve returned. The reinforcements OOB for Heroes of Omaha and Panzer Lehr (the scenario will eventually hit the table, I promise!) includes a couple of support vehicles, which I’m sourcing from this 1/72nd Academy Models kit:

I don’t need the motorcycle (although I’ll surely build it at some point), but the Kubelwagen and Jeep are certainly going to come in handy. I’m also excited about the various bric-a-brac (jerry cans, 55 gallon drums, and crates) that accompany the kit.¬†Though the box art doesn’t show it, the Jeep can be built with a .50 caliber heavy machine gun mounted on a monopod and gimbal.

My only disappointment with the box’s contents is the complete lack of drivers, crew, and passengers. I’d love to hear about some good sources for those figures, if anyone has some. I’m dreading to see how small these vehicles are going to look next to my gargantuan Valiant infantry.

I’ve been building up sub-assemblies on the Jeep and Kubelwagen in preparation for painting, and I’ll be putting up a post about constructing the kit in short order.