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More Progress!

This is astounding. I’ve finally completed my platoon of German Panzergrenadiers for TooFatLardies Chain of Command skirmish rules set. My opponent is hard at work on a platoon of US infantry, so now I have to get cracking on approximately eleventy-billion feet of bocage.

The gang assembled for review...

The gang assembled for review…

That’s the basic platoon on the left. Zugs 1-3 in column, with the platoon leader, and a platoon asset Panzerschreck team up front. At the back right are a medic, tripod mounted MG-42 team, a sniper team, a forward observer, and a Panzerknacker team. Up front on the right is a PAK-40 painted in a color that doesn’t even come CLOSE to dunkelgelb. Accompanying the ATG are a couple of very poorly painted Stugs.

The Stugs and ATG (and the one-story building in the back) are some of the very first things I painted when I started out on this whole miniatures wargaming thing. They’ll be repainted/replaced eventually, but they’ll serve for now!

Cards for I Ain’t Been Shot, Mum 3


Just a note to say that I’ve updated this card set on 3/3/2014 to include a teabreak card, plus a few tokens for shock, pinned, suppressed, and overwatch. I think they’re actually fully functional, now.


Wow, it’s been a while!

I recently completed a set of custom cards for I Ain’t Been Shot, Mum 3 and I’m sharing them with anyone who would care to download them.  These cards will provide you with all you need for Scenario Three in the main rule book: Action at Galmanche.

This is what they look like...

This is what they look like…

Here’s a dropbox link to the cards.
The cards are meant to be printed out on 8.5″x11″ paper, although there’s enough white space surrounding the graphics that you should be able to print them full size on a4 or a5 (or whatever the near-equivalent of US letter size is). I’d suggest printing on a nice light card stock. The first page in the binder will provide you with a generic card back. The other pages contain the ‘working’ areas of the cards. There are 30 cards, in total.

If anyone uses these, I’d love to hear how they worked out for you, and what you felt they were good at and where you feel they lacked. I’m also happy to answer any questions. Enjoy!