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More Progress!

This is astounding. I’ve finally completed my platoon of German Panzergrenadiers for TooFatLardies Chain of Command skirmish rules set. My opponent is hard at work on a platoon of US infantry, so now I have to get cracking on approximately eleventy-billion feet of bocage.

The gang assembled for review...

The gang assembled for review…

That’s the basic platoon on the left. Zugs 1-3 in column, with the platoon leader, and a platoon asset Panzerschreck team up front. At the back right are a medic, tripod mounted MG-42 team, a sniper team, a forward observer, and a Panzerknacker team. Up front on the right is a PAK-40 painted in a color that doesn’t even come CLOSE to dunkelgelb. Accompanying the ATG are a couple of very poorly painted Stugs.

The Stugs and ATG (and the one-story building in the back) are some of the very first things I painted when I started out on this whole miniatures wargaming thing. They’ll be repainted/replaced eventually, but they’ll serve for now!