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A Portion of A Battery, RHA

A quick update on my Lasalle Project. I’ve completed 2/3 of a battery of Royal Horse Artillery-there’s a howitzer yet to be added. Nominally, they’re from Ross’ Troop (note the chestnut horse). I need to paint up limbers, as well, but don’t currently have any.

The basis of my roster is the Light Division at Bussaco, Black Bob commanding.

The reason I’m showing partially completed units is that I’ve been working on the lead I have around the house. This project was started for Neil Thomas’s rules, which require fewer figures than Lasalle. Never fear, the purchasing of figures to fill out the units will happen soon enough!

Royal Horse Artiller + 52nd Oxfordshire, in line.

Royal Horse Artillery + 52nd Oxfordshire in line.

Blues are a bit too dark?

Blues are a bit too dark?


RHA  to the front.

I really need to work on my photography skills. These photos came out way too dark, and have been modified to hell and back in Photoshop in order to get them close to what my eye perceives under bright light.

In other news, I’ve been coating my figures in brush-on gloss and matte varnish, in an effort to prevent paint chipping. I hate it. Totally dulls the colors, and suppresses detail. I’m going to try using spray-on gloss and matte for my next batch of miniatures, in hopes that the thinness of the coat vs. brushed on helps. If it doesn’t look any better, I’m just going to start hitting them with a quick coat of Testor’s Dullcote. The single coat of Dullcote is how I’ve done most of my ACW miniatures, and you don’t lose that much of the detail. Of course, they’ve taken quite a bit of damage over the last couple of years. Trade-offs and compromises!