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D-day, Then and Now

Check out these super cool then and now photographs of the beaches and towns of Normandy on D-day.


Shortest Arkiegamer post, ever!



Another great selection of then and now photographs, this time hosted at the ibtimes.


I logged into my Flickr account, tonight, which is something I haven’t done in a long time. While I was on the site, I stumbled across PhotosNormandie in my contact list. PhotosNormandie is a resource I had totally forgotten about. It is a sprawling photographic archive from the Normandy campaigns of ’44-’45.


It’s quite useful as a reference for terrain, building, equipment, and uniform details. It’s also great as a stark reminder of the reality which we attempt to game. Anyway, go have a look, if you’re interested in the campaign-you’re bound to see some interesting photographs (many of which are extremely¬†good photographs, to boot).


The Virtual Photography of Lyle Jansma

virtual photography

Over at the Smithsonian Museum’s Air & Space Magazine website, they’re hosting virtual cockpits of various vehicles done through (presumable) photo collage. The quality is very high. This is probably mainly of interest to military modelers and the idly curious, but I presume there’s some crossover between those audiences and the historical wargaming clique.

Here’s the link.