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Ross’s Battery: Fully Charged

The Napoleonic project wheel advances a cog! I’ve completed Ross’s Battery, which involved painting up a howitzer, and three limbers. I’ve done my limbers in a manner similar to the ones I use for Regimental Fire and Fury. I really couldn’t see painting up the full 6 horses and three riders that come with each limber pack from Eureka, so thankfully Rob at Eureka kindly obliged me by selling me one full limber pack, and a couple of extra limbers so I could divide the hoss-flesh up amongst them.

I must say, I was quite confused on whether the various cannon should be bright brass, or as I’ve painted them. Some paintings (and lots of figures) that I looked at on the internet had brightwork, but the examples from museums that I saw were dark. Feel free to tell me I’ve screwed the entire battery up. I won’t cry too much.

In any case, here’s the whole bunch.


Working the new howitzer


Stand fast, you worms(eye view)!!




Close. A little TOO close

I’ll be finishing up the 52nd Oxfordshire (I’ve already painted and based half the unit), next, and then I’ll have to face a major hurdle and paint up the 95th rifles from scratch. This will all be happening in December. November is going to be a very busy time for me, so there will be a short hiatus from game-related activities.

A Quick Update

I haven’t been super productive in these first couple weeks of the new year, but I have gotten a few things done.


Featured in the pictures below are my efforts at painting a unit of the 52nd Oxfordshire British light infantry for the Peninsular War. We’re using Neil Thomas’s Napoleonic rules, which only require 16 figures per unit (I’ll eventually be painting the entire Light Division under Craufurd, plus supporting artillery and cavalry), but I thought I’d paint up some single based ┬áskirmishing figures for use with Sharp Practice and/or Song of Drums and Shakos along the way. I’ll pick a couple of other battalions to pull figures for skirmish gaming along the way.

I have some French Legere to paint up for opposition, but it will be a while before I get started on those.

Also featured are some extremely cheap Chinese wire trees I purchased from the humorously named EBay seller, We Honest. It’s taken some slight effort to get these trees looking halfway decent-the foilage comes in a far-too-bright-for-reality dayglo green. I’ve also mounted these trees on needles for use with my terrain mats, which are draped over easily-pinnable blue foam. An obvious fault of these trees is the complete lack of a root system, but I think they’ll be fine for gaming.

We have another game of Regimental Fire and Fury scheduled for the 18th, and I’m dedicating next week to terrain production for said game. Hopefully I’ll be productive!


Bad color in this one.

Bad color in this one.

This color is fairly accurate. Please tell me the terrain looks vaguely Spanish. Even if you have to lie.

This photo’s color is fairly accurate. Please tell me the terrain looks vaguely Spanish! Even if you have to lie.

Oh, by the way-see that air tank and hose in the background? I’ve gone and bought myself an airbrush. I’m still getting to grips with operating the thing, but I’m pretty excited about it!