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0.01 Is this Thing On?

Hello all,

A few weeks ago while playing in a Pendragon game at a local shop, I spied the store’s supply of Wings of War books and miniatures. I’ve always loved WWII aircraft, and though I valiantly resisted, the inevitable happened and I picked up a box of rules.

What with the internet to egg me on, it wasn’t long before I was obsessively reading about creating gaming mats, buying the official miniatures, kit-bashing new miniatures, and everything else under the sun. From there, it was but a short hop to confused, but full-blown, immersion into wargaming. I blame TMP and shots of Bolt Action Miniatures.

So, here I am. I have a background (emphasis on back) in the old Avalon Hill counter games like Squad Leader and decades of experience with roleplaying games, but I’ve never really made the effort to sink my teeth into miniature wargaming. I suppose I was intimidated by the expense, time involved, and complete lack of potential players. I thought I might use this blog to track my progress both as a modeller and a player of these games. Overcoming the obstacles that I mentioned above might be the subject of any number of posts. Who knows, this thing might even help drum up opponents.

Thanks for checking in, and feel free to follow if you’d like to see how things go as I descend/ascend even further into nerd-dom.

Wings of War-miniature crack

Wings of War: Miniature crack