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A Gem of a Resource

It may be that everyone in the world, other than me, knows about this, but in case you don’t, the Pritzker Military Library in Chicago has an extensive collection of podcasts on military history subjects.

Many of the podcasts are interviews with historians and authors, but there is also a series on Medal of Honor winners, and a number of multi-generational round table discussions, as well. Great stuff. Well worth listening to while painting miniatures, making the morning commute, or going for a run.

I’ve only listened to two full podcasts, so far, but one discussed the 82nd Airborne and its leaders in Sicily, and the other was about the famous WW2 cartoonist, Bill Mauldin.

Here’s the index: CLICK ME

London Blitz

Just a quick update from my London trip.

I made it by the Imperial War Museum, which is a must see for those interested in the world wars. In addition to the aircraft, there are various guns, tanks, missiles, and even miniature submarines. There are several great exhibitions, including one on spies in the cold war, and another with a large collection of Victoria’s Crosses and their attendant stories.


Though it’s completely lacking in artifacts from the 20th century, the British Museum is a real wonder. From the plundered Egyptian artifacts to stolen friezes from the Parthenon, one is made aware of the benefits of being a colonizing imperial power. I only took a picture of this medieval hunting horn on my iPhone, but when I get back to a real computer, I’ll try to illustrate just why the museum is so great.


In any case, London is a wonderful city. It has a foot in the past and the other in the future. The architecture, parks, and public spaces are superb. You should visit!

Things to See in London

I’m off to London for the next week as a part of my jet-set (and bank account-draining) life as an architecture student. I’m not going to have much time for non-school related sightseeing activity, but does anyone have any suggestions for must-see locations of gaming related significance?

Notable gaming shops and military history bookstores are also of interest. Thanks!