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The Virtual Photography of Lyle Jansma

virtual photography

Over at the Smithsonian Museum’s Air & Space Magazine website, they’re hosting virtual cockpits of various vehicles done through (presumable) photo collage. The quality is very high. This is probably mainly of interest to military modelers and the idly curious, but I presume there’s some crossover between those audiences and the historical wargaming clique.

Here’s the link.

Recommended Listening

I’m on a podcast binge, of late. Here are a couple of history-related shows that I can recommend for listening while jogging, cooking, driving, painting, and other zen-like zone out activities. Don’t zone out too much in the car, though!

  • The Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast is an interesting (and detailed) listen. The show is hosted by an Australian named Cameron Reilley, and the resident expert is J. David Markham, who has written a couple of books on the emperor. I suspect that they have a considerable pro-Napoleon bias, but I think that’s fine.
  • I’ve recently started listening to the British History Podcast, which is quite good. The podcast starts with the pre-history of Britain (like 30,000BC) and intends to run all the way up until modern times. Jamie Jeffers is the man behind the mike, and he has a compelling speaking voice. Some of the humor is a bit forced and dorky, but overall the production is quite slick.

A Gem of a Resource

It may be that everyone in the world, other than me, knows about this, but in case you don’t, the Pritzker Military Library in Chicago has an extensive collection of podcasts on military history subjects.

Many of the podcasts are interviews with historians and authors, but there is also a series on Medal of Honor winners, and a number of multi-generational round table discussions, as well. Great stuff. Well worth listening to while painting miniatures, making the morning commute, or going for a run.

I’ve only listened to two full podcasts, so far, but one discussed the 82nd Airborne and its leaders in Sicily, and the other was about the famous WW2 cartoonist, Bill Mauldin.

Here’s the index: CLICK ME