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The 1st Arkie Regiment

Well, I’ve gone and actually finished something.

It’s my first Confederate regiment for Regimental Fire and Fury, plus a ‘Brave Colonel’ marker. Now I need to hurry up and paint another two infantry regiments, plus some artillery, and then, maybe, some cavalry. Oh, and about a dozen more markers of various and sundry types. Then repeat all that for the Union. Plus terrain.

Sometimes it strikes me that this hobby is totally insane.

We're still lacking a flag

We’re still lacking a flag

Hats off to me!

Hats off to me!

What do you guys think? Too much variety in the uniforms? Was in inexcusably lazy of me not to paint hatbands? Have I painted colors of fabric that simply didn’t exist in the 1860s?

That cheering figure waving the hat bugs me. ┬áNot only does he bear an uncanny resemblance to Tom Selleck, in the face, but I can just imagine one of his buddies spitting on the ground and saying “maybe you ought ‘ter fire your musket instead of waving that damn hat in my face!” I have four more of these obviously inebriated fellows to distribute amongst my confederate regiments. Two in one regiment was probably one too many.

By the way, these are all AB figures.

I’m back to finishing up my Panzergrenadier platoon for Chain of Command, next.