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Recommended Listening

I’m on a podcast binge, of late. Here are a couple of history-related shows that I can recommend for listening while jogging, cooking, driving, painting, and other zen-like zone out activities. Don’t zone out too much in the car, though!

  • The Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast is an interesting (and detailed) listen. The show is hosted by an Australian named Cameron Reilley, and the resident expert is J. David Markham, who has written a couple of books on the emperor. I suspect that they have a considerable pro-Napoleon bias, but I think that’s fine.
  • I’ve recently started listening to the British History Podcast, which is quite good. The podcast starts with the pre-history of Britain (like 30,000BC) and intends to run all the way up until modern times. Jamie Jeffers is the man behind the mike, and he has a compelling speaking voice. Some of the humor is a bit forced and dorky, but overall the production is quite slick.