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Friends, Romans, Countrymen…


28mm miniatures by Aventine. Shield transfers are LBMS. 

Well, now I’ve gone and done it. An entirely new period, and my first foray into 28mm mass battles.


These enormous Impetus bases are pretty cool. After seeing the prices for Impetus base from Litko, I did some frantic searching for an inexpensive alternative. I used 3mm PVC foam board, which is the material they make signs out of. IT’S FANTASTIC STUFF. Closed cell foam, dimensionally stable, relatively easy to cut, can be chamfered, sanded, and responds well to superglue and (slightly less well) to PVA. And paint sticks to it. I should be able to base and entire Impetus army for about $8 worth of material.

I’m planning on doing a couple of Impetus armies – Republican Romans vs. the forces of Pyrrhus of Epirus, and here are the first of them.


These guys are Principes, who were back-up for the front line Hastati, and who were themselves backed up by the third line of Triarri (which I probably just misspelled). It’s early days, but I’m learning!

Oh, and I might have accidentally bought a 15mm starter army for DBA. In a slightly different period – Marian Romans. More on that later…


Aventine figures have a nice level of clean detail that’s very easy to paint. And the castings are clean as a whistle. They carry LBMS transfers and wire spears in their shop, which is very convenient. My figures shipped out the next day, and arrived from Ireland in about 10 days. Better service than I’ve gotten from a number of US companies!


Command & Colors: Ancients

So easy. So fun. So rich. 

Onward, brave Carthaginians!

Wow, what a great game.

I’ve played Memoir ’44 for quite some time, and like it a lot, but I played Command & Colors: Ancients for the first time this evening, and I have to say that Borg’s rules system really sings in this implementation.

I got together with my friend, Ron, this evening, and played no less than four games of C&C over the course of 3 1/2 hours. Thoroughly enjoyable. I’d do a review, but there are plenty at boardgamegeek, if you’re interested.

I understand many people convert this game to miniatures. It’s sorely tempting, though I think I would just like to have figures on a mounted stock board, rather than doing custom modeled terrain for each battle. It would be totally cool to have little modular terrain hexes, though.

Must stay focused! Back to WW2 and complicated miniatures rules!