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2014 Year’s End Wrap-up

Ye Yearly Blabber

My goals at the end of 2013 were as follows:

  • Finish existing projects.
  • Introduce new players to the hobby.
  • Play more games.

So, how did I do?

On the first point, I’ve learned that you never really finish a project. Still, I did manage to get both of my primary 2014 projects (Regimental Fire and Fury and Chain of Command) into a playable state. I guess what I’m saying is that “playable state” is the new “finished.”

On the second point I haven’t done so well. I have a number of friends who are pretty serious board and RPG gamers, but I haven’t had a tremendous amount of luck sucking them into the historical miniatures hobby. I did get a couple of them to try out Chain of Command, which I think they found a bit overwhelming. We also played a game of The Rules with No Name, and they seemed to enjoy the Old/Wild West genre a bit more. I think it’s not really the rules or miniatures that are the problem, but rather a general lack of interest in history. Not quite sure how to overcome that one!

On the third point, I succeeded in spades (with a lot of help from The Scarlet J and Grady West’s bunch), and it’s been a blast. Especially when there were cannon pointed at me.

I had another, more specific goal of completing a hundred stands of Confederate infantry by the end of the year, but am still languishing at around 80 stands. That’s ok. Don’t cry, Arkiegamer.

In general 2014 was a very good year for miniatures wargaming, if you were me. I went from having played a couple of games in 2013 to having played at least 17 games (I may be forgetting a couple) of various stripes and spots over the course of this year. I have a number of ongoing projects. Probably way too many, to be honest, but a couple of them are already in a playable state, and only require a bit of filler modeling and painting now and then. I met and gamed with some really cool people over the course of the year, and had a lot of fun. I attended my first convention, Recruits, and have been reading a lot of history in conjunction with my gaming. Those two statements probably shouldn’t be joined by a conjunction, as they’re completely unrelated, but I’m a wild man.

My three big projects for 2015 will be 15mm ACW Union forces, 15mm Revolutionary War, and 28mm  Napoleonic skirmish. The AWI and Napoleonic projects have been started here at the end of 2014. For the AWI project, I think that, rather than dribble out random posts as I finish up units, I’ll save up until I have all the forces finished for one battle and present them en masse. I’m shooting for the British/Loyalist side of Cowpens, which is a small battle. Shouldn’t take too long! The 28mm Napoleonic project will move from Song of Drums and Shakos, which a small (dozen figures per side) warband set of rules to Sharp Practice, which can handle a company, or more, per side. This project will take some time, as I am      a      very        slow    28mm     painter. Still, I’m enjoying it tremendously, for now. I think the Union ACW stuff will go quickly, as the uniforms are quite simple. Still, getting the US side up even with my Confederates will involve painting 300-400 figures. Yikes.

Goals for 2015

  • Build more terrain.
  • Get the new projects into a playable state.
  • Get some bluebellies painted up.
  • Develop a budget <shudder> for wargaming.

Ok, there it is. I’m sure I’ll fail on that fourth point, but I thought I’d put it up there, just the same!

Happy New Year’s, everyone.


Games Played

8 games of Regimental Fire and Fury

4 games of Chain of Command

3 games of Napoleon’s Battles

1 game of Turning Point Stalingrad

1 Game of The Rules with No Name