Paint Recipes

1/285 (6MM) WWII


My selections are largely based on the excellent Farnworth Guides, but there are exceptions. Most colors are Vallejo. All figures are given a sepia/black ink wash at some point. Highlighting at this scale is typically done by simply adding a small amount of white or yellow.

A nice guide to painting splinter pattern camouflage by Elhiem Figures…




  • Armor – 75% 70924 Russian Uniform, 15% 70896 Extra Dark Green, 10% 70951White.
    Rust for tracks.
    Dark Grey for road wheels.
  • Figures

Germans (Not doing any camo in 1/285. Yet).

  • Armor – Middlestone (for Dunkelgelb) with 10% 70951 White added.
  • Heer Figures – Uniforms 70830 German Field Grey, Helmets 80/20 mixture of 70979 German Camo Dark Green and 70994 Dark Grey, Metal Weapons and boots 70994 Dark Grey, Wooden stocked weapons Mahogany, Skin GW Elf Flesh. No other detailing is done.




95th Rifles

  • German Dark Green as base uniform color
  • Military Green with various levels of yellow added as highlight.

52ND Oxfordshire Light Infantry

Buff facings. Iraqui Sand, bleached, for bedrolls.

Buff facings. Iraqui Sand, bleached, for bedrolls.




  • reflective green as base
  • add yellow, ‘wet’ brush
  • add more yellow, and white to make an extremely pale yellow-green to do final drybrush

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