ACW Historical Battles

Historical ACW battles I can just about handle with the number of stands I have…

To play Brawner’s Farm:

Infantry stands needed: 18
Command Stands needed: 3
Generals needed: 1 divisional, 2 brigadiers
Artillery needed: 1 rifle

Ball’s Bluff, October 21, 1861, Virginia


Evans’s Brigade

8th Virginia, 16 stands, SB
17 Miss. 12 stands, SB
18 Miss. 12 stands, IR
Comp. Miss. Companies. 8 stands, IR
Jenifer VA Cav. 2 stands/2 stands
48 stands (i), 2 stands (cav)



Baker’s Brigade

15th Mass. 16 stands, SB
20th Mass. 9 stands, RM
1st Calif. 14 stands, RM
42nd NY. 6 stands, IR
2 NY Militia Arty, Light Howitzer
B battery 1 RI Light Arty, Light Rifle
45 stands (i), total (plus arty)

Iuka, September 19, 1862, Mississippi


Army of the West-Little’s Division

Second Brigade
14th Ark. 3 stands, SB
17th Ark. 3 stands, SB
3rd La. 7 stands, RM
40th Miss. 8 stands, RM
1st Tex. Leg. (dsmtd) 12 stands, SB
3rd Tex. Cav. (dsmtd) 10 stands, SB
Clark’s Mo. Bty. 2 6lb SB
St. Louis Mo. Bty. 2 12lb SB

Fourth Brigade
37th Ala. 8 stands, RM
36th Miss. 8 stands, RM
37th Miss. 12 stands, RM
38th Miss. 8 stands, RM

79 stands, total (plus arty)


Army of the Mississippi

Second Division

First Brigade

39th Oh. 10 stands, RM

Second Brigade

26th Ill. 10 stands, RM
47th Ill. 5 stands, RM
11th Mo. 10 stands, SB
8th Wis. 10 stands, SB
2nd Ia. Bty. 3 6lb SB

Third Division

First Brigade

48th Ind. 11 stands, RM
5th Ia. 10 stands, RM
16th Ia. 9 stands, RM
4th Minn. 13 stands, RM
26th Mo. 10 stands, RM
11th Oh. Bty. 2 12lb SB

Second Brigade

10th Ia. 8 stands, RM
17th Ia. 8 stands, RM
10th Mo. 17 stands, RM
80th Oh. 8 stands, RM
12th Wis. Bty. 1 12lb SB, 2 6lb SB

1st Btn., 3rd Mich. 4 stands, RR

129 stands (i), 4 stands (cav), + arty

Little Sugar Creek, February 17, 1862, Arkansas

Hebert’s Brigade, McCulloch’s Division
4th Ark. 14 stands, SB
15th Ark. 10 stands, SB
3rd La. 12 stands, RM
Clark’s Mo. Bty. 2 6lb SB
First Missouri Brigade, Price’s Division

1st Mo. Cav. 10 stands, SB
2nd Mo. 15 stands, SB
3rd Mo. 15 stands, SB

76 stands, total, + arty



Fourth Division, Army of the South West
First Brigade
35th Ill. 9 stands, RM
4th Ia. 15 stands, SB
1st Ia. Bty. 2 6lb SB, 2 12lb SB

Second Brigade
9th Ia. 10 stands, RM
25th Mo. (Phelps’ Indpt. Regt.) 8 stands, SB
3rd Ia. Bty. 2 6lb SB, 2 12lb SB

Ellis’s Cavalry
McConnell’s Btn./3rd Ill.  5 stands, BLC
1st Mo. 10 stands, RM
Wright’s Btn., 6th Mo. 5 stands, BLC
Bowen’s Bty. 1 12lb MH

42 stands (i), 20 stands (cav), + arty

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