Figure Makers and Stockists

20mm and/or 1/72nd and/or 1/76th

Elhiem Figures

AB Figures

SHQ Miniatures

Scale Creep carries Fantassin

Minutemen carries SHQ

MMS in England makes really nice 20mm white metal vehicles.

15mm/18mm Napoleonics

Age of Glory Miniatures carries Xan figures…look rather nice.

Scale Creep carries Warmodelling Naps

15mm/18mm American Civil War

20mm Moderns

Big honking discussion thread at Lead Adventure Forum

Syrr Hobbs carries Elhiem Moderns.

Under Fire Miniatures-Sculptor for Empress working in 20mm.


The Model Warrior’s excellent article on various manufacturers of 15mm WWII terrain for Normandy.


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