Arise, Arise!

It lives!

Sorry for the long delay in posts-it’s been a busy couple of months, and my interest in wargaming and military history has been at a low ebb. Never fear, it will come around again!

I did manage to get a game of Regimental Fire and Fury in this weekend. The Scarlet J and I put on a ‘big’ game for our friend Ron, who has retired, and is moving on to greener, much swampier, pastures in Florida. TSJ and Ron teamed up as the Yanks, and soundly thrashed me (the usual result, as of late). I won’t go into a lengthy AAR, but here are some photos of the game.



The field of battle. It’s a meeting engagement, with both forces starting anywhere on their edge of the table. We’re looking at the board from the Confederate side.


The majority of my strength was on my right flank. Four infantry regiments, a mixed battery of Napoleons and heavy rifles, and a cavalry regiment.


On the left flank, I trusted to my brave Danish Texans, who were to take up a position behind a snake rail fence along a creek, and hold at all costs.


You can tell how long it’s been since we’ve played a game, by the pleats in the mat! There’s no way things are going to go well for me on this flank, with that stone wall for the Yanks to form up behind. Ron was commanding this wing of the Union forces, 



Stone walls, be damned! Moving up for the assault.


The big clash. Moments later, my cavalry leaps over the stone wall, and drives off a Union regiment. They didn’t do well enough to crash through and run amok, though, and had to recall. As usual with my rare successful cavalry charges, I totally neglected to photograph it. Ugh.


TSJ moves into range over on my left.


Danish Texans have nerves of steel, and aren’t half bad marksmen, either.


My assault on the right falls apart. I had attached my brigadier to my cavalry unit for the big charge. Unfortunately, when you attach a leader, it reduces their command radius, and without the steadying hand of their general, the boys in grey high tailed it for safer ground. I’ve dismounted my cavalry to delay the Yanks that are sure to come over the wall, but they don’t have sufficient frontage to be much of an impediment to the enemy.


This is Ron. He’s holding my battery that he took by infantry assault. Happy Ron. Sad Tim. 


This is the regiment that took my battery. They’re in deep trouble, but it’s getting late, and it’s fairly obvious that the Rebs have lost another one.


The one bright spot is that TSJ’s brigade on the left never crossed the little creek.


End of game. My opponents declared it a minor Union victory, but it felt pretty major, to me! 

Ok, there’s the game report. Much fun was had by all-especially the enemy. Congratulations to The Scarlet J and Ron!

In other news, I might have just bought a couple of boxes of the Perry plastic War of the Roses figures and a copy of Lion Rampant. I’ve also been watching the Game of Thrones series. Lannisters vs. Starks? We will see.

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  • John Dillon  On 06/16/2015 at 10:11 pm

    Brilliant AAR Arkie as always! Beautiful terrain and minis. I’ll admit I’m enormously jealous of your ACW minis…I’ve recently watched Ken Burns documentary and I’m getting the shakes looking at your game ;)

    • arkiegamer  On 06/16/2015 at 10:24 pm

      Haha! Thanks. I hate to be an enabler, but it IS a fun period, with a number of good miniature ranges, and several good sets of rules at regimental and brigade levels.

      On the other hand, painting ACW cavalry, with their mounted and dismounted states is a real pain in the butt. Especially since they’re so ineffective. Maybe you can hold onto that negative parting thought and resist a bit longer!

  • The model warrior  On 06/17/2015 at 12:52 am

    Very nice sir. If you go for war of the Roses give me shout for pictures as I live 5 mins from the bloody meadow at Tewkesbury😀

    • arkiegamer  On 06/17/2015 at 6:35 am

      Excellent! I may very well take you up on the offer, if I don’t go the Game of Thrones route.

  • Frank  On 06/17/2015 at 7:59 pm

    Well, win or lose, a game is a game – and think of all this experience you’re acquiring!

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