Cards for I Ain’t Been Shot Mum

Terrain board construction has been forced to a halt by snow, rain, cold temperatures, and other unfavorable climatic conditions which prevent me from using spray paint or sanding (which for peace in the household must be done outside).

I have started developing a series of cards for the IABSM game that I’ve been doing all this work for. These things are done to standard poker playing card size (2.5″x3.5″) and are constructed of various found images from the internet which I then construct silhouettes for in Adobe Illustrator.

If you’re interested in doing these sorts of things but aren’t interested in spending the money that Illustrator costs, there is a piece of vector graphic software called Inkscape that’s free. I haven’t used it, myself, but I’d be amazed if Inkscape couldn’t repeat the sort of very basic functionality I’m using to do these cards.

A few unit cards for IABSM3

A few unit cards for IABSM3

These cards are for the “Action at Galmanche” scenario in the IABSM 3 rule book. If you’re playing that scenario and would like the graphics to print a set of cards, leave me a comment and I’ll supply you with the file. Once I’m done, of course.

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