Upping the Date

I’ve been bitten by the 15mm Sci-Fi bug, and it’s cutting into my historical minis in a big way. The genre is ridiculous fun, though, so I’m not too heartbroken. One key motivation is that I have a friend who has actually expressed interest in putting together forces and playing sci-fi miniatures, which is something that hasn’t happened with the historicals yet. I’ll be keeping track of the science fiction stuff over at DeepSpaceArkie, and you’re more than welcome to follow along.

All is not lost on the historical front, though. I’m going to take my time and continue to build up my WWII and Napoleonic figures. Here’s proof-I’ve started learning how to paint horse flesh.

I’ve only finished the basic horse’s coat here, but I’ve been using a series of washes and thinned paint, which is proving to be a really fun way to paint. I’ve got to work on blending colors together, but this horse looks pretty darn good at table distances. Not that you can tell from this zoomed in photo. I’m looking forward to mastering the technique, in any case.

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